Whimsical Designs for Rug Hooking
18 x 18 Bosal Pillow Form
October 2017 Issue 8 of Wool Club Mailing
Standard Cassettes #3 - #10
1/2 Yards
1/2 yards Issue 8
14 x 14 Bosal Pillow Form
14 x 18 Bosal Pillow Form
16 x 16 Bosal Pillow Form
3 in 1 Color Tool
5/32 Cording
8 Value Swatches
8 Value Swatches Issue 8
A Murder of Crows
All - Time Favorite Hand - Hooked Rugs
Alsar II
Andy's Snowman
Andy's Snowman
Antique Darks and Blacks
Antique Pumpkin
Antique Rose
Apple Blossom Bench Pad on Linen
Apple Blossom Welcome
Apple of My Eye
Apple Rose Festival
Apple Rose Festival Pillow/Mat
April Specials
Aprils Fat Quarter Special Wool's
Aqua Blue 8
Aqua Green 7
Aqua Parfait
Asian Bloom Bag
ATHA Region 1 Hook In Westford
Avocado Heaven
Bali Seas
Balloon Flower
Balloon Flower
Basket of Tulips
Basket of Tulips
Beam n' Read Personal Light
Bearded Dragon
Beautiful Pear
Bee From My Garden
Bee Happy
Bee Happy Tea Cozy/Doorstop
Bee Jeweled
Bee Jeweled on Linen
Bee Line Cutter Body
Beeline Art Tools
Believe! A Farm Christmas
Believe! A Farm XMAS
Bent Tapestry Needles
Berry Jubilee
Big Catch
Big Fish
Birdhouse Blues
Birdie's Quilt
Birdie's Quilt
Birds of A Feather
Black Cherry Parfait
Black Cherry Parfait Fat Quarter
Blazing Sumac Leaves Slim
Bless Our Home
Bless Our Home
Blessed Journey
Blessed Journey
Bloom Bag
Blooming Fall
Blooming Fall
Blooming Fall Kit On Linen
Blooming Pumpkin
Blooming Pumpkin
Blooming Pumpkin Kit
Blooming Purple
Blue 11
Blue Bonnet Joy
Blue Green 6
Blue Green Foliage Pack
Blue Love
Blue Red 18
Blue Suede Shoes
Blue Violet 12
Blue Violet Dreams
Bosal Pillow Forms
Bouquet of Delights
Brick Rose
Bright Khaki
Bright Shiraz
Bright Shiraz Hand Dyed Yarn
Bringing Joy
Bringing Joy
Bringing Joy
Brown Wool
Budding Spring
Buddy's Christmas
Buddy's Christmas
Bulls Eye Star
Bunnies In Eggplant Heaven
Bunny In Tulip Heaven
Bunny In Tulip Heaven Runner
Burnt Sienna
Butterfly Heaven
Butterfly Sunflower
Butterfly Sunflower
Butternut Toffee
Buzzing Beauty
Calico Cat and Mice
Calico Cat Black
Cardinal Berrys Hat
Cascade Mt. Serenade
Cats and Dogs
Celebrations, Holidays and Seasons
Celebrations, Holidays and Seasons
Cerulean Blue 10
Chairpads, Footstool Covers, Tiles, Pillows, Brick Covers, Door Stops and Tea Cozies
Chartreuse 2
Children's Nativity
Chinese Lanterns
Chris's Lily Pad
Christmas Red
Chuck and Henry - Off To The Club
Chuck and Henry - Off To The Club
Circling Life Purse
Citric Acid Crystals
Classes, Events and Rug Shows
Classy Navy
Color Planning Tools
Cool Cat Aqua
Cool Cat Jazz
Cosmo's Chair Pad
Country Life
Country Red
Country Red Hand Dyed Yarn
Cowboy Fish
Creative Color Wheel
Crewel Flower
Crewel Jubilee
Crewel Jubilee Joy
Crewel Jubilee Runner
Critter Fur
Crow's Halloween
Crows Halloween
Cushing Washfast Acid Dyes
Custom Ritchie Bent Hook
Cutter Tote Table
Dad's Green
Daffodil Chair Pad
Daffodil Sherbet
Dana's Inspiration
Dancing Tulips
Deep Purple
Delmarva Workshop Open Class
Delphinium Night
Designed By You
Dijon Mustard
Doggone Love
Dolly's Orchid
Dolly's Teal
Dot To Dot
Dyes and Supplies
Earthly Jewels
Ebby II
Elegant Marble
Elegant Sunflower
Emerald Isles
Entwined Hearts
Events/Hook Ins/Rug Shows
Fabulous Flamingo
Fabulous Flamingo Wool 1/2 Yard
Fabulous Flamingo Wool Fat Quarters
Fair Haven Slate
Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves Hand Dyed Wool
Falling Leaves Tote
Famore Bent Applique Scissors
Fat Cat
Fat Cat
Fat Quarters
Fat Quarters Issue 8
Felt Bags
Fields Of Joy
Fine Wine
Fire Engine Red
Fire Engine Red Slim
Fishing Around
Flag Blue
Flamingo Dance
Flesh Pack A
Flowers and Fans
Fluff & Peachy Bean Designs Hand Dyed Yarn
Fluff & Peachy Bean Hand Dyed Yarn
Foliage Pack
Folk Art Birdy
Folk Art Birdy
Forget Me Not Chairpad
Forget Me Nots
Francis, The Tender Hearted King on Linen
Freda's Rose
Freedom For All
Friends of Fluff and Peachy Bean
From My Garden Purse
From My Garden Purse Complete Kit
From My Garden Runner
Fuchsia 16
Fuchsia Tulip
Funky Leaf
Funky Leaf Kit
Funky Leaves Melody
Garden Bouguet
Garden Bouquet
Garden Bouquet
Garden Elephant and Friends
Garden Fairy
Garden Life Chair Pad
Garden Life Mat
Geometric Hooked Rugs, Color and Design
Geometrics, Orientals and Abstracts
Glorious Pears
Glorious Pears
Gold Bullion
Golden Love
Golden Yellow 24
Golfer's Dream Green
Goodies For You
Got Wool Car Magnet
Grampa's Tractor
Grand Cayman
Granny Smith
Grapes and Bows
Grasshopper Brick Cover
Great Blooming Vein
Green 5
Green Mountain Forest
Grey Skies
Grocery Shoping
Guardian Angel's Sunshine
Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels II
Gutermann Extra Strong Thread
Hand Dyed Selvages
Hand Dyed Wool
Harbor Hook In
Harvest Hook In
Harvesting Moon Sky
Harvesting Moon Sky Hand Dyed Yan
Hearts In Every Corner
Hearts In Every Corner
Heavenly Waters
Henrietta - Gone West
Henrietta Gone West Pattern and Her Wool Special
Henrietta's Head Feather Collection
Henrietta's Leaves Collection
Henrietta's Magenta
Henrietta's Parchment Background Set
Henrietta's Red Chocolate 1/2 Yard Border
Historical Society of Early American Decoration
Home Flowering
Home Flowering
Home Flowering Kit On Linen
Hooked Carpetbags, Handbags & Totes
Hooked In The Mountains
Hooking Animals
Hooks, Dyes,Supplies, Books and Goodies For You
Hopes Rose
Hopes Rose Evolution
Horsing Around
Hunter Green
I Love Olive
I Love Olive II
Indian Corn Welcome
Indian Corn Welcome
Inner City
Inspirations and Blessings
Island Blue Dreams
Issue 1 January 2016
Issue 10 1/2 Yards
Issue 10 8 Value Swatches
Issue 10 Fats
Issue 10 Slims
Issue 10 Yards
Issue 10, April 2018
Issue 2 April 2016
Issue 3 July 2016
Issue 4 October 2016
Issue 5 January 2017
Issue 6 April 2017
Issue 7 July 2017
Issue 8 October 2017
Issue 9 January 2018
Ivories, Grays and Lights
Jade Marble
Jazzys Rose Garden
Jigsaw Cat
Jigsaw Cat II On Linen
Jigsaw Cow on Linen
Jigsaw Dog
Jigsaw Dog II
Jigsaw Horse
Jigsaw Horse II On Linen
Jigsaw Rabbit
Jigsaw Rabbit II On Linen
Jigsaw Rabbit Kit On Linen
Jigsaw Rabbit Stair Riser
Jigsaw Series
Jill and Jack O'Lanterns
Jill and Jack OLanterns
Jiminy Cricket
Jivin In The Grass
Joy of Merlot
Joy Of Sunflower
Joy To All
Joy To All
Joyce's Rose
Joyous Flower
Joyous Flower
Jungle Green
Jungle Green 1/2 Yard
Jungle Green 8 Value Swatch
Jungle Green Fat Quarter
Jungle Green Slim
Jungle Green Yard
Juniper Breeze
Karen's Sky
Karen's Sky 1/2 Yard
Karen's Sky Fat Quarter
Karen's Sky Slim
Karen's Sky Yard
Katrina Red Yard
Kiwi Chiffon
Lady Bug, Lady Bug
Landscapes and Scenescapes
Large Tutto Case On Wheels
Larkspur Delight Fat Quarter
Lavender Bliss
Lavender Skies
Lead Roots
Leaping Lambs
Let There Be Peace
Let There Be Peace Cards
Liberty Blue
Lily Pad
Lime Margarita
Lite Rainbow Dirt Slims
Little Caroler's
Little Carolers
Little Carolers
Lolly Pop Flower
Long Stemmed Flower Bag
Lost In Irises
Luscious Lilac
Magenta 17
Magenta Marble Parfait
Marble Confetti
Marigold Fields
Marsh Tacky Horse on Linen
McCatpaws Library
McCumber Stained Glass
McMinn County Living Heritage Museum Hook In
Medium Larkspur Delight Slims
Midnight Teal Green
Miller Fat Stainless Vinyl Pencil
Miller Hooks
Miller Super Fat Vinyl Stainless Pencil
Mittened Snowman
Monet Leaves
Monsieur Frogge
Monsieur Frogge Hand yued Wool Yarn
More Critter Fur
Morning Joy Mat on Linen
Morning Joy Runner
Moshimer Hook
Mr. Mr. Snowman
Mr. Piggys Dinner
Mrs. Crows Luncheon
Mulberry Passion
Natural Linen
Nature's Wonderland
Neutral City
New Books
New Hand Dyed Wool's & Other Fibers
New Hooks
New Patterns
Night Music
Non Pareiles
Nuts Bout Acorns
Ocean Deep
Old Man
Old Man 1/2 Yard
Old Man 8 Swatch
Old Man Fat Quarter
Old Man Slim
Old Man Yard
Orange 21
Orange Delight
Orange Red 20
Orange Yellow 23
Oxford Punch Needle
Paisley Purple
Paisley Purse
Pansy Joy
Parakeet Tweet
Parrot Bliss
Pasturized Notions Bag
Pasturized Notions Bags
Patriotic Colonial
Patriotic Fish
Patriotic Fish
Patriotic Fish
Patritotic Colonial
Pattern Catalog
Peaceful Balsam
Peacock Beauty
Perfect Puppy
Perfect Saffron
Persimmon Sorbet
Piper's Midnight
Piper's Midnight Hand Dyed Wool Yarn
Polka Dot Fish
Polka Dot Fish
Poppies Chair Pad
Poppy Fields
Posies From My Garden
Previous Issues Wool Club
Primitive Gold
Pro Chem Dye Samplers
Pumpkin Man
Pumpkin Man
Purple 15
Purple's Favorite
Purses, Bags and Totes
Queen Bee
Quiet Corner Hook In
Rain Kissed Petals
Rainbow Dirt
Rainbow Dirt
Recycled Silk Eyelash Sari Ribbon
Recycled Silk Yarn
Red 19
Red Bone Doggy
Red Bone Doggy Jr.
Red Chocolate
Red Oak Leaves
Red Violet 14
Red Violet Joy
Redwork Embroidery Purse
Renaissance Child
Rhode Island Red Hen
Ritchie Bent Hook
Ritchie Extra Large Hook
Ritchie Laminated Acrylic Pencil Hook
Ritchie Large Hook
Ritchie Medium Hooks
Ritchie Spring Loaded Proddy Hook
Ritchie Wooden Proddy Hook
Roasted Lemongrass
Rockin McMatthew
Rockin Otters
Rocks On
Rose Delight
Rose Green Leaves
Rug Binding
Rug Hooking with Deanne Fitzpatrick
Rug Hooking with Fancy Fibers
Russet Mist
Sale and Specials
Sapphires & Emeralds
Sari Ribbon, Lightweight
Scarf Blanks
Scissors, Linen, Needles and Other Supplies
Scrappy Hooked Rugs
Sea World
Seagrass Bag
Serenity on Linen
Shadowed Pasture Land
She Had To Fly
Sheep Case
Sheep With Swirls
Silk Hankies
Silk Yarn, Sari Ribbon, Silk Hankies, Fluff & Peachy Bean Designs Hand Dyed Yarn and Felt Bags
Size 12 Standard Cassette
Slims Issue 8
Snuggled In
So Blue
Soft Black
Special Effects Using Creative Stitches
Splendid Birch
Spring Blooming
Spring Blooming
Spring Green 4
Spring Has Sprung Classes and Hook In
Spring in Vermont
Spring Mischief
Squirrel Harvest
Squirrel Harvest
Squirrel Harvest
Squirrel Harvest Kit
Squirrel Taupe
Stair Risers
Starry Night Over Church
Stone Fence
Stormy Weather
Story Rugs and their Storytellers
Strawberry Bandit
Strawberry Bandit Kit
Strawberry Bee Chair Pad
Strawberry Bird Footstool Cover
Strawberry Bird Footstool Cover Kit
Strawberry Bird II
Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Leaves
Strawberry Sundae
Studio Mint Julep
Sun Worshiping
Sunflower Dance
Sunrise Rooster
Susie Red
Susie Red Hand Dyed Wool Yarn
Swamp Boogie Nights
Swamp Tales From Brookville
Sweet Butter
Sweet Sky
Sweetie Bird
Tangerine Sorbet
Tangerine Tango
Teal Forrest
Tender Violet
The Beauty of An Iris
The Beauty of Lupines
The Childrens Nativity
The Rug Hooker's Bible
The Woolwrights Hook In and Rug Show
Tickle Me Teal Green
Tickle Me Teal Green Lightly
Tis Royalty
Tis Water, Tis Sky
Tree of Life
Tropical Turquoise
Tulip Antique Black
Tulip Antique Black hand Dyed Wool Yarn
Tulip Leaves
Turquoise 9
Turquoise Passion
Tweet Bag
Twilight Beauty
Two Hearts Are Better
Verde Mountain
Verdigris Hand Dyed Wool Yarn
Vermillion Fantasy
Vermont Hill Farm
Vermont Lake Sailing
Victorian Hen
Vintage Flower Power
Vintage II
Vintage II On Linen
Vintage Pumpkin Love
Vintage Pumpkin Love Pattern and Yard of Katrina Red Wool Special
Vintage Ride
Violet 13
Warm Up to Blue
Wedgewood Love
Whimsical Characters
Whimsical Critters
Whistling Dixie
Whistling Dixie
Wild Asters
Wild Pear
Wine and Roses
Winter's Bouquet
Wonder Clips
Wondrous Night
Wondrous Night
Wool Club
Wool Club Issue Mailing Dates
Wool Club Subscription
Woolie Worm Beds
X largeTutto Case on Wheels
Yards Issue 8
Yearning For Tropical Waters
Yellow 1
Yellow Green 3
Yellow Green Fields
Yellow Orange 22