July is a month of parades, fireworks, barbecue's, swimming and many more outdoor activities. Our gardens are flourishing with beautiful flowers and veggies and the sun shines brightly.

As usual a few Patterns and Wool 's are on sale all at a 20% DISCOUNT. There is no need for a code if you purchase from the July Specials page. It's a special that'll brighten your day! Happy Hooking Nancy

Quarterly Winners - New Program! This Quarter Winner is Glenna Cameron of Sussex New Brunswick who has won 3 Fats of her Choice. Glenna has chosen the option of a Gift Certificate to use the next time she can visit my booth. When you place an order either by phone, web site, email, at a show or my shop your name is entered to win. If you visit my shop or booth you can ask to enter to win, too with no purchase required.